Why You Should Purchase An Aftermarket Brake Caliper Instead Of One From The Junkyard

If one of the parts on your vehicle wears down and needs to be replaced, then you may typically take a trip to your local junkyard to see if you can find a replacement. This technique may be invaluable when it comes to sticking to your budget, but there are some parts that you should purchase new if you can. You can often buy aftermarket parts to save yourself some cash. To learn why this is the best option for brake calipers, keep reading.

Old Calipers May Stick

The brakes on your car are constantly being used, and the parts attached to your braking system can wear down if they are not used regularly. This is true of the brake caliper, and the part will typically stick when it sits for too long. The brake caliper is responsible for squeezing the brake pads against the rotor, and the friction between the pads and the rotor forces your car to stop. The caliper does the squeezing as you place pressure on the brake pedal. The pressure forces brake fluid under pressure and the stress moves to the pistons attached to the caliper. The pistons are squeezed by the fluid and this causes the brake pads to move.

If the caliper is not used for a long period of time, the caliper pistons can stick in place. They will typically be forced inward, and this will mean that the brake pads will constantly squeeze against the rotor. It will feel as though the brakes are constantly being applied, but only to the wheel where the stuck caliper is added. You may hear squealing coming from the brakes and your vehicle will swerve in one direction, especially when you apply the brakes. 

If you do add a stuck caliper to your vehicle, you may need to add new brake pads and a rotor as well. These parts will wear down very quickly if the caliper is stuck.

Brake Fluid May Leak

The calipers on your vehicle require the movement of brake fluid to work properly. The brake line allows the fluid to move to and from the caliper. There are several different rubber parts that hold the fluid in the caliper and keep it from leaking out. There will be a seal where the brake line enters the caliper and one where it exists. There will also be rubber boots around each piston. Unfortunately, rubber cracks when it is exposed to the sun and the outside environment for too long. Deterioration of the seals is likely, especially if the junk vehicle has been sitting around without any tires.

If seals are broken or cracked, then brake fluid will start to leak out of your car. If the leak is a bad one, then the braking system will lose pressure. This can happen fairly quickly while you drive and the brakes will fail. You will be able to push the brake pedal to the floor and you will have a hard time stopping your car. It is much better to invest in an aftermarket caliper than to experience a potential braking catastrophe. For more information, contact a business such as Yearwood Performance Center.

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