Hop On For A Cross Country Ride: Your Guide To Building The Ultimate Bike Trailer With Auto Salvage Parts

There is nothing like hopping on a motorcycle and feeling the wind as you breeze down the open road. If you want to take a longer trip on your bike, you may find that you lack the space needed to bring your belongings. This is why you may want a bike trailer to take with you on your cross country trip. There are trailers that you can buy, but there are also options to build your very own design. Here you can find out what you need to build your motorcycle trailer for your next cross country adventure:

1. Start With A Frame For Your Trailer That Is Safe For The Road

The first thing that you will want to start with for your bike is a frame for the trailer. This needs to be a sturdy tube frame with an axle to support the weight your plan on carrying. If you want to use salvaged car parts, look for an older front wheel drive car that you can cut the back off of and use as the base of your trailer. You can then get a trailer hitch attachment to connect the trailer. Lighter compact cars will have the lightest frames, which can be good for handling and performance when you have the completed trailer connected to your bike.

2. Deciding On Whether To Use A Brake System And How To Set It Up

There are many points of views on connecting brakes to your trailer. This is something that depends on things like the weight you are carrying and the size of your trailer. If you have a lighter trailer, you may not feel comfortable with brakes. For the larger auto-type trailers, you can install electric brakes or a controller to operate standard disk-style brakes, which you can get the parts for from an auto salvage service.

3. Scrapping Through The Salvage Yard For Parts Like Lights, Axles And Sub frames

The trailer will need to have all the working lights on it, as well as a frame and support for load points. A single axle will be needed for your trailer, and you may find that a stock car axle may be too heavy. Like with other parts of the trailer, you can look for light compact cars to make a trailer that is light enough for your bike to pull. You can also get lights from cars at a salvage yard to give any trailer a custom look. In addition to signal and brake lights, you may also want to mount headlights to the back of the trailer, which you can use when you are stopped to do repairs or when at a campsite.

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